We’re starting a participation revolution by doing good with new technologies.

We think that technology, data and the internet are the keys to unlocking a revolution in the way that people get involved in their communities and join in with the charities and causes that they care about.

We believe everybody in society has something to contribute, so we’re focusing on how digital innovation and platform thinking can redefine social problems and make radical new solutions possible.

How we work

SCVO Labs is part of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. Unlike other projects, we’re structured and run like a startup. This gives us the space we need to move fast, to try new things and to give our users our complete attention.

We’re inspired by those who put bravery and creativity before playing it safe, and who won’t settle for 10 per cent better when 10 times better is possible. And with a bit of luck, we’re just crazy enough to succeed.

Sharing is caring, so you’ll find insights from what we’re up to on our blog.


Good HQ

Good HQ is a feedback platform for charities and good causes in Scotland.

We’re building it to do three things:

  • To help charities and good causes gather feedback about what they’re doing well and how they could improve
  • To empower people who want to share their experiences with charities and good causes for the benefit of others
  • To make it easier for people who want to get involved to find out what’s happening and what people are saying

The current status of this product is: beta


We’re using modern technologies and an agile approach to build rich, mobile-first web apps.

Here are some of our favourite tools and frameworks:

AWS Node.js Neo4j JSON jQuery Angular.js HTML5 CSS3 SASS Bootstrap


We’re a friendly bunch with diverse backgrounds and a common purpose. Come say hello!

Labs team

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Get involved

We love working with people who share our passion for technology and social good.

Perhaps you can:

  • Help fund our activities
  • Contribute support in kind
  • Participate in our user community
  • Come and work with us

Ready to make a difference? Let’s talk!

Contact us

Reach us by email:

We’re based in Edinburgh at Hayweight House, 23 Lauriston Street, EH3 9DQ (Google Maps).