Situation report, Sprint 8

Now accepting signups!

— by Chris on 02 November 2015 #product #sprint

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This is something of a milestone update: our alpha product is close to feature complete, and we are now accepting signups from anyone who is interested in taking the product for a spin. Head over to the Good HQ homepage, hit sign up to get started, and then let us know how you get on!

Done (technical):

  • Set open access to site content (users must still sign in to interact)
  • Added trending users to homepage
  • Improved user control over notifications and email updates
  • Upgraded underlying database performance
  • Lightweight sharing buttons optimised for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Admin console for moderating content
  • New back-end and front-end unit tests

Done (non-technical):

  • Lots of content design and streamlining across the site
  • Migrated our product backlog to Trello (user stories are still on the whiteboard, though!)
  • Further work on business plan and go-to-market strategy


  • Bug and feature fixes in response to user needs
  • Better integration with email services for broadcast messages
  • Meeting early adopters to talk about use cases and structured testing