Situation report, Sprint 7

Location, location, location.

— by Chris on 20 October 2015 #product #sprint

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Here’s the latest roundup of progress over the last fortnight.

There’s been a brief hiatus since the last post, as we’ve also moved across Edinburgh to a new home at Hayweight House on Lauriston Street. This gives us more room for whiteboards and problem-solving, and as an added bonus we’re just round the corner from Codebase and Code Clan.

Done (technical):

  • Lots of work behind the scenes to improve performance, testing and extensibility
  • Added postcode fields and geocoding for users
  • Added on-page reporting for problems / bugs
  • Improved control over user profiles
  • Improved flagging / moderation controls

Done (non-technical):

  • Further UX and content design work
  • Onboarded about 50 test users


  • Open site up for users to browse without signing in
  • Set up admin console and facility to moderate content
  • Improve email templates and content design
  • Add ability to browse by local authority area
  • Add trending content to the site