Situation report, Sprint 5

Welcome to Good HQ.

— by Chris on 08 September 2015 #product #sprint

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Here’s the latest roundup of progress over the last fortnight. A pre-release edition of the product is online under the working title Good HQ, and we’ve started to roll out a small number of test accounts.

Done (technical):

  • Improved user pages showing more useful summary information
  • Improved API query model to power different views on the site
  • Significant progress on unit tests
  • General performance enhancements relating to Node.js

Done (non-technical):

  • Further research on funding options and opportunities
  • Test accounts out to first wave of partners


  • Improve the landing page to highlight most recent and relevant content
  • Implement custom header images for user profiles
  • Improve the way we handle locations and geography
  • Content design improvements across the product
  • Assorted bug fixes and feature tightening