Situation report, Sprint 4

It's all about the user journeys. And dashboards, of course.

— by Chris on 26 August 2015 #product #sprint

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Here’s the latest roundup of progress over the last fortnight. Pretty much all of our MVP features are in place, and we’re starting to send out invites to our sandbox environment for a small number of people to begin exploring. The next sprint is mainly technical consolidation to get our code from functional to something ready for a slightly wider release.

Done (technical):

  • Implemented Facebook sign in
  • A range of UX / UI improvements (things like preview-before-post, form validation and the like)
  • Set up an on-site dashboard
  • Sorted out our MX records and email protocols
  • Begun work on an admin panel to help us manage the service once it’s live

Done (non-technical):

  • Mapped a number of important user journeys
  • Developed first set of user testing materials
  • Further work on business strategy


  • Technical consolidation (unit tests, refactoring and performance optimisation)
  • Get a bunch of posts about what we’ve been learning out of draft and onto this blog :)