Situation report, Sprint 3

A minimum viable product is in sight!

— by Chris on 10 August 2015 #product #sprint

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Here’s the latest roundup of progress over the last fortnight. We’ve had a big push to get the minimum feature set in place, and by the end of the next fortnight we should be ready to open up a sandbox environment for a wider group of users to begin testing.

Done (technical):

  • Implemented sign up by email
  • Implemented editable profile pages for users
  • Implemented up and down voting for content items
  • Implemented on site alerts
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • A whole bunch of UX and UI refinements

Done (non-technical):

  • Initial content design / branding
  • Product review and discussion with colleagues
  • Concept introduction with some interested parties
  • Further iteration of strategy template and business model canvas


  • Map key user journeys to inform product development
  • Set up admin panel to support next phase of testing
  • Open sandbox environment and accounts for a small number of test users