Situation report, Sprint 2

Lots of work behind the scenes, and a pre-release product that is starting to look real.

— by Chris on 21 July 2015 #product #sprint

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A big (the biggest?) part of running an agile project is a commitment to ship working code on a regular basis. We’re now through the very early set-up phase for the project and have settled into a cadence that feels right for us: a fortnightly sprint cycle with major versions deployed every other Friday.

From here on out on I’ll post an update after each sprint with a summary of what’s done and what’s next. Technically the last couple of weeks were Sprint 2, so on this occasion I’ll recap Sprint 0 and Sprint 1 for the record.

Sprint 0

Done (technical):

Done (non-technical):

  • First pass at our strategy template and business model canvas

Sprint 1

Done (technical):

  • Refactored front end using Twitter Bootstrap and Angular.js
  • Abstracted database calls to an API layer
  • Initialised a project repository on GitHub (private for now)
  • Deployed a prototype version to a test environment

Done (non-technical):

  • Reviewed existing platforms for (a) reviews / ratings and (b) charities / good causes
  • First iteration of user personas

Sprint 2

Done (technical):

  • Refactored back end using Node.js
  • Migrated from a relational database to a graph database
  • Implemented sign in via Twitter / OAuth
  • Migrated CSS to SASS and implemented first visual design
  • Acquired a production domain and implemented TLS
  • Deployed a pre-release version to a production environment

Done (non-technical):

  • Iterated our strategy template and business model canvas
  • Second iteration of user personas
  • Fieldwork with general public on core concept


  • Face-to-face conversations with various stakeholders to get their input and reactions to the pre-release product
  • A whole bunch of refinements, bug fixes and stress-testing on the product to get it ready for an Alpha release
  • Prep for further rounds of user research and user testing

Our lead developer is off on (well deserved) leave for a week now, so we’ve got a short hiatus before Sprint 3 begins later this month.