Situation report, Sprint 10

Double the sprints, double the fun.

— by Chris on 30 November 2015 #product #sprint

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Here’s the latest roundup of progress on the project. I didn’t manage to post at the end of Sprint 9, so this is a double post to catch us back up to the present day!

Sprint 9

Done (technical):

  • Implement cached content on homepage
  • Implement ability to opt out of receiving feedback from other users
  • Implement PayPal integration
  • Implement permalinks for individual items of feedback
  • Move support mailbox to new host

Done (non-technical):

  • Add community guidelines to feedback and response forms
  • Add product overview information and links to homepage
  • Improve dashboard layout and information

Sprint 10

Done (technical):

  • Improve search functionality
  • Parse user profiles and feedback / responses for URLs
  • Implement insights pages for users
  • Replace back-end image handler with something more lightweight

Done (non-technical):

  • Improve search page layout
  • Major user interface overhaul to improve (a) consistency and (b) mobile experience
  • Take new users to profile page after completing email validation
  • Add invite friends link to homepage
  • Continue discussions with early adopters


  • Explore options for enabling users to post additional content on their pages
  • Gather user input on the types of relationships we support when leaving feedback
  • Write FAQs for the site
  • Pay back some of the technical debt accumulated over the last few months
  • Early adopter presentations and information sessions

We’re on a short firebreak this week to squash bugs and to do user testing with some of our colleagues. Things go back to normal next week for one last sprint before Christmas.