Great digital tools for charities and non-profit organisations

— by Calum on 02 May 2016 #digital #tools #useful

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Many of the tools we use in our daily work would cost a vast amount of money if we were a commercial organisation. Thanks to good-will towards non-profit organisations we are able to use wonderful tools at discounted rates or completely for free.

In addition to open source software and libraries, we are able to achieve a lot without having to deal with large invoices - we hope this list will help other charities discover new tools and do more with less.

Most of these organisations will need proof of your charitable status - it should be enough to link to your profile with OSCR (in Scotland) or the Charity Commission (in rUK).

Team collaboration


This is a fast and functional team messaging platform that allows group and private messaging - we use it with different “channels” for different projects.

Slack offers non-profit organisations a standard account for free. As it is a per-user pricing model, this saves us over £1,000 annually!

Learn more…


Trello is an amazing free-form task management system that I could write a whole blog post about (I might add that to my Trello TODO list!)

Trello offer a 30% discount on their Business per-user pricing model which offers greater flexibility, administrative controls, and features such as integrations with other services. You’ll need to contact their billing department directly to request a discount code.

Learn more…


We use GitHub to store our code repositories. They a discount to non-profit organisations matching the price of the bronze account which allows for private code repositories - we use this for IP development and internal documentation, as well as the public respositories for open-source projects. Learn more…


Salesforce is used to store organisational data in the cloud. Learn more…

Synovations are a Community Interest Company that help non-profit organisations use cloud technology such as Salesforce.

Content creation

Microsoft Office 365

The big name in office software, with great pricing for non-profit organisations. Learn more…

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe software packages such as Photoshop are available on a subscription pricing model with discounts available for non-profits. Learn more…


Canva helps create beautiful stories and infographics - and is available at discount for non-profits. Learn more…

Social media & communications


Facebook can help charities to fundraise and build communities. Learn more…


YouTube provide specific functions to help charities in their fundraising. Learn more…

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing system that provides charities a 15% discount on campaign mailings. Learn more…


MailChimp is an alternative to Campaign Monitor and provides the same discounted rate of 15%. Learn more…

Anything else?

Do you know of any other tools that should be on this list? Please let us know!